À Lyon



The adult brain is far more malleable that we thought, and so learning can be child’s play if you know how.


Some 36-year-olds choose to collect vintage wine, vinyl records or sports memorabilia. For Richard Simcott, it is languages. His itch to learn has led him to study more than 30…

“He walked down, for a long while avoiding looking at her as at the sun, but seeing her, as one does the sun, without looking.”


You see my tears, downcast eyes

You comfort me with a smile

And speak of Sunrise




Your words are but sunshine to me

Drowning in the depths of the sea…

They shine the way to the surface.


Yet of what use is that…

To one who cannot swim?

Off To Sleep

I feel not tired, nothing aches to sleep

Yet my mind says, “I’m not yours alone to keep,

For it’s time my darling, that you come with me

And enter the world I create for you to see

It’s the world of dreams where I leave you at night

So while you enjoy ur wonderment, I can take flight

And go where I must, maybe someday I’ll take

You to my realm, one of such a different make…

But until that day, my dove, you must

Sleep the nights, and let reality rust…”

So I feel I must now go off to bed

And watch my mind’s show for tonight instead.

(Written for a friend after a long long time…)

An Elusive Smile

She has eyes…

Which smile,

Once in a while,

To reconcile

With hopes that beguile…

Only to defile

That elusive smile…

And distort her profile

In a ruthless style…

Her tears form a Nile,

Wrinkles run a mile,

And Heart, a lonely isle,

But despite the trial

Of Hope’s black guile,

She stops a while

And does still smile… even if once a while

An elusive smile

A Parting

We’ve had rough times, you and I

Yet underneath this endless sky

I have come to know

Time’s infinitude lets every wound heal

It changes all we love, and all we feel

And lets us all grow

Grow old, move on, evolve, adapt

No ties stay strong, No bonds, strapped

As transient as snow

So, if our sunshine days have set

Know that I will never forget

A single moment, since when we first met

And we shall smile, with no regret

For we’d have loved more…


Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin ast-o, hamin ast-o, hamin ast!

It is funny that my first blog post ever should begin with the place where I would like to die and be buried… But beauty has always blinded me to all else, don’t get me wrong here. This is how I am, and have been all my life… an artist

And this here is what I would like to have as my grand sepulchre: Lake Moraine, Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada)

“If there is ever heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!” - Jahangir (but while describing Dal lake in Srinagar)

To finally die here, peacefully.